Joanne has had a lifelong passion for nature, travel and adventure. She has canoed in the Northwest Territories; sailed on the west coast and in the Caribbean; climbed in the Rockies; and trekked in Nepal, Africa and the Arctic. Closer to home, she is an enthusiastic and accomplished gardener.

These experiences have helped define both Joanne’s life and art. Capturing moments of silence and solitude. Celebrating a sense of place. Translating mood with light and colour.

Joanne’s style is unique, removing non-essential elements to focus the eye on the very essence of her subject. Her palette is both intense and sensitive, mirroring the glory and infinite variety of nature’s own palette. Collectors have described her work as “bold… graceful… sensuous… vibrant… serene…”

Joanne’s works bring joy to private and corporate collectors throughout Canada and the U.S.


FYI, there are not many paintings on this site at one time, but we do rotate new ones in quite frequently.