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About the Artist

After a successful career as a consultant and entrepreneur in communications and advertising, Joanne returned to an early love of painting in 2000. Collectors describe her work as “bold… graceful… sensuous… vibrant… serene…”

Joanne has had a lifelong passion for nature, travel and adventure. She has canoed in the Northwest Territories, kayaked in Haida Gwaii, sailed in the Caribbean, climbed in the Rockies and trekked in Nepal, Africa and the Arctic. Closer to home, she is an enthusiastic and accomplished gardener.

A water lily on a quiet pond…
A low lying cloud on a hot tropical day…
A red canoe at rest by a weathered dock…

“All moments in time. Happy, serene, joyful moments that I have tried to capture on canvas, to hold onto and to relive in one glance. To embrace nature’s palette in all its glory, and to simplify and distill the essence of that feeling in my chosen medium is my challenge and my goal.”

Joanne’s works bring joy to private and corporate collectors throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Contact: joanne@joannemitchell.com